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Commercial Construction

Commercial – Shops, School, College, Hospital, Mall, Hotel (Standard Package @ Rs. 2000/sqft)

  • Earth work Excavation
    Earth work excavation in ordinary/hard soil below ground level.
    Upto 5′ depth with all lead and lift. Anything above 5′ depth will be charged extra.
  • Anti Termite Treatment
    ATT of 1:20 mix ratio of Chloropyrephous shall be applied before floor PCC at a spacing of 1′ c/c and all around the plinth at externals.
  • PCC (1:4:8)
    PCC (1:4:8) in the foundation of 4″ thick
  • Framed Structure
    All works in RCC M 20 with tor steel as per the structural designs for the footings, columns, slabs, and beams.
  • Plinth Beam
    RCC M 20 with TMT steel above ground level with a depth of 400 mm and width of 200 mm.
  • Burnt Brick Masonry
    BBM in the superstructure – 9″ thick for all load-bearing walls in cement mortar 1:6.
    BBM in the superstructure – 4.5″ thick for all partition walls in cement mortar 1: 4 with providing reinforcement at every 3′ height.
  • Lintels
    RCC Lintels for all openings/doors/windows at 7′ height from finishing floor level of 9″*6″ all around the walls.
  • Chejja
    RCC Chejjas of 1’6″ for all external doors/windows/ventilators with bearing of 9″ wide on either side.
  • Lofts
    RCC Lofts of 2′ wide for wardrobes, 1’6″ wide for OHC in kitchen at 7′ height from finished floor level as per given details.
  • Roof Slab
    RCC Roof Slab in 1:1.5:3 of 5″ thick with all lead and lift and with all necessary scaffolding and shuttering (in SS sheet centering) at 10′ height to the top of the roof from finished floor level.
  • Parapet Wall
    Parapet wall of 4.5″ thick BBM in cement mortar 1:4 with 9″*9″ thick brick pier at regular intervals and plastering with coping band of 3″ wide and 3′ height.
  • Plastering
    Internal – For load bearing walls min. 12mm thick in CM 1:6 with all necessary scaffolding, l about and materials and finishing with Birla putty.
    External – Plastering to externals walls min. 20mm thick  in CM 1:6 with all necessary scaffolding, labour and materials and finishing with smooth finish.
  • Flooring
    Flooring in vitrified tiles for living and all other rooms filled with tile grout. Tiles of size 2’*2′ of cost within Rs. 60/sft.
    Staircase flooring shall be with double charged vitrified tiles with 3 grooves and edge chamfering.
  • Ceramic Flooring
    Flooring in ceramic anti skid tiles to necessary slope and finishing complete to bathroom/toilet and gaps covered with tile grout and tiles of approved make and size. Tile size 12″*12″ of cost within Rs. 40/sft.
  • Dadooing
    Dadooing in glazed tiles in bathroom/toilet upto full height from finished floor level of approved make and size and finishing complete. In kitchen 3′ height with ceramic tiles above platform. Tile size 12″*16″ of cost within Rs. 40/sft.
  • Doors/Windows/Ventilators
    Providing and fixing of doors/windows/ventilators wherever necessary for all rooms/living/kitchen with all necessary fittings of approved make, quality and size.Frame Sections
    Main Door – 3″*5″ thick frame; teakwood shutters, teakwood panelled door, brass fittingsOther Doors – 3″*4″ thick neemwood frame, 30mm Flush shutters of approved make and size with powder coated fittings.

    Windows – Neemwood frame and honne shutters with 10mm MS Guard bars with enamel painting.

    Ventilators – Aluminium louvered with glass shutters and provision for exhaust fan opening

  • Granite Platform
    Providing and fixing of black granite platform in kitchen of 20mm thick counter top for a length of 10’ by 2’ width.Sink – Providing and fixing of Stainless Steel sink in kitchen as per given details.
  • Paints
    Internal – Providing and painting to all rooms/living/dining/kitchen/toilets as per specification with approved colour, shade and make and finishing complete with all necessary materials, scaffolding and labour.Finishing for internal walls and internal ceilings with Interior Emulsion Paint.External – Providing and painting to external walls and surfaces as per specifications with approved colour, shade and make and finishing complete with all necessary materials, scaffolding and labour.
    Finishing for external walls with Exterior Emulsion Paint.
  • Water supply and sanitary
    Providing and fixing of plumbing and Sanitary works as per given details and specifications with all necessary materials and labour with approved quality and make and finishing complete. Hot water inlet lines for all bathrooms with dual provision of Geyser and Solar heater
  • Electrical works
    Providing and fixing of electrical works as per given details and specifications with all necessary materials and labours with approved quality and make and finishing complete.
  • Compound Wall
    Providing and constructing of compound wall upto 4′ height from ground level in CM 1:6 with 4″ thick hollow block masonry on 3 sides with 8′ width MS gate.
  • Flagging concrete
    Providing and laying of flagging concrete in 1:4:8 over filled soil upto required levels with 4″ thick and finishing in CM, tamping and threading and laid to proper slope all over the setbacks of the given site as per the given details, width of flagging concrete is 12″.
  • Terrace
    A waterproof screed layer of 2″ average thickness shall be laid with a lean concrete of mix ratio of 1:3:6 in slope and finished with 1″ average layer of cement mortar of mix ratio 1:4 over it.
  • Sump Tank
    Providing and constructing of sump tank of 5000 ltrs capacity in BBM in CM 1:6 over a layer of 4″ thick PCC (1;4:8) and applying water proof course and providing plastering to walls and bottom slab with chicken mesh provision and top cover of Precast concrete slab with an inspection opening of size 2’*2′ with MS cover and finishing it complete.
  • Overhead Tank
    Providing and fixng of ovehead tank of 1000 ltrs capacity over the required height with all necessary materials, labours and finishing it complete.
  • Building Elevation
    Simple Elevational features for building upto a value of 1% of the contract value shall be provided.


  • Glass doors shall be charged extra.
  • Design and Execution of Sewage/Sullage Treatment Plants to be charged extra.
  • The dual plumbing system for treated water use shall be charged extra.
  • Texture Paint shall be charged extra as per the selected design.
  • Fire & HVAC services shall be extra based on requirements and norms.
  • Any Automation works will be charged extra.
  • Provision of lifts will be provided, Lift with accessories and related services are charged extra.
  • Design and sanctioning, landscaping charges are extra.
  • Rates are Exclusive of GST.
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